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Niklas Pokki

– on piano, pianists and piano pedagogy

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Let’s talk more about piano practice!

I just came back home from Seinäjoki, where I gave a lecture on piano practice at the Sibelius Academy training centre. One of my former teachers, a current friend and colleague, Teppo Koivisto, was giving his annual master class and was kind enough to invite me to speak to his students.

In the heat of summer — it has been unusually hot in Finland lately — we had a delightful session. The students made clever comments, asked informed questions, and, afterwards, the discussion went on with Teppo at a local restaurant.

After speaking with Teppo´s class, I contemplated what it was that made me devote myself to giving lectures on piano practice about ten years ago?  Continue Reading

10 Characteristics of Efficient Piano Practice

1. Urge to express. Sharing the music you love with others is one of the greatest privileges in the world. What, exactly, makes the musical work you currently practice so appealing and inspiring? Strive constantly to develop your expressive means, decode the ”message” of the composer, and maintain an open channel to your own emotions while practicing.

2. Exploratory, creative mindset. Always look for fresh perspectives. Let your findings inspire you, and try to go deep inside the composition you play. Focus on dos, not don’ts. Continue Reading